B A L E N C I A G A inspired.

May 5, 2019

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Hello all

So since we are now operating from London , it’s a must we bring out the high street fashion along with the big brands .

Today’s article is entirely inspired by Balenciaga .

My school buddy who is now completing her fashion designing course from a renowned institute in London had a project to do ,so she insisted to help her with it. Not gonna lie , I was a back up because her model decided to fly back home a week back from when the shoot was to commence. Don’t call me an evil but I’m glad she did because if it wasn’t for her flying back I wouldn’t bag this opportunity. In a sentence, The shoot was amazing and I loved it . I had never stalked Balenciaga’s account on Instagram but I think the next thing after reading this article , you should check out their account.

Weird! absolutely weird is what I’d call it . No caption just weird photos. I reckon that is what keeps em different from the rest. No high end pictures , no poses, just everyone being weird.

Well, that is Balenciaga for you, the collection includes lot of colours in its latest “Spring/summer 19″. Blazing comet patterns , ginghams, checks , florals ,polka dots etc. and the typical ” Balenciaga” text throughout the clothing items which is their signature style.

My friend had to do a project , design something inspired by a particular brand , which means the design , items , style , colors , photography , direction , execution , make up & hair everything should be at similar resemblance. But she sure added some of her creativity to it . This sweetheart had to go through alot , having sleepless nights only to complete her designs . Her work has been so appealing and pictures turned out unexpectedly well considering she didn’t know how to operate a DSLR camera. Oh! just realized I hadn’t mentioned that the clothes , photography and the direction is all done by just one person Amanda Pinheiro , so you can tell how talented she is.

So in accordance to what you’re seeing is not actually the truth, it was intolerably cold , unable to pose to my potential , climbing up heights , changing in public when I couldn’t stand still in the messed up weather ,one of the most challenging shoots I ever done till date and when the pictures were sent to me ,I was literally shocked with it and how well it turned out . Just hoping my friend gets a good grade with this , just kidding , I’m sure she’s gonna kill it.

So we decided to go full street with this shoot. The pants are fully in trend , colour blocked with two core colours and included the utility trend along with it , overflowing with pockets and zips seemed very fascinating to me . the Top had a frilled cold shoulder detail to it along with tie up on the neck line . The idea and creativity included in the entire outfit was admirable . Not only did she design the outfit , but the ear rings you see was also done by her and that’s not it, she was then working on shoes which is now complete and looks like a product belonging to one of the top names in the fashion industry . To keep it street style we shot in this artsy lanes at Shoreditch , kept the graffiti murals as our background.

Here’s something inspired from the exact same Balenciaga pap campaign that we looked up online before we began to shoot and we were awestruck.

Thank you Amanda for making me do this , I had never done something like this before and I am really honored and I feel grateful to have been a part of your project and a model of such a talented person .

I hope you guys have enjoyed this article like I enjoyed writing . Do not forget to leave your comments below and on my Instagram page @shruti_theurbanista and telling me whether you liked this article or what.

Oh hold , don’t leave yet, I have another good thing to share with y’all. I recently got featured on this article by Magicpin , its about this new cheat sheet they created for the latest spring trend that you need to follow to take your fashion game higher . Click on the highlighted “Magicpin” and it’ll take you straight to their article . Also, they have handed me this badge that I get to include it on my blog which is a huge milestone for me , for which I’d like to thank them and appreciate them for this little surprise.

Don’t forget to read their article and give a shout out to your homegirl .

Thanks for taking out the time to come here and read my article , I appreciate it so much.

Thank you and have a lovely day :*



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