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I have been dying to write and create my first content ever since I came to London . With all the trends that we’ve missed like the snake and animal print, neon and etc,  I apologize for it , but I promise to give you a gist about the new upcoming trends before they drop.  So as a Londonist and living in a place where it’s called one of the fashion capitals of the world, I’ll take this opportunity to slip out the newest and the freshest styles and trends that I see on the streets and on the runways while I stick to my budget friendly ways of shopping .
So lets begin with the article.

London is the global fashion capital. It’s ahead of its rivals in creativity and technology; its language, English, is the global business language and it has the most diverse and multi-cultural population in the world.  Only last week the global head office of Chanel announced that it would be re-locating to London for just these reasons.

For many years London Fashion Week has been one of the big four along with New York, Milan and Paris but as a city to do business it is emerging as the global leader. Paris has historically been the base for luxury brands and there is undeniably new energy there, mostly due to the change in creative directors at some of the major fashion houses.

You could find all the popular over rated brands here along with the under rated designer stores. Name it and its all here ! from Armani to Zara , from Alexander Mcqueen to Zac Posen , you can find anything you want from a cocktail dress to a concert outfit . From the most affordable outfit at Primark to the most expensive one from Chanel  it’s all here . Being a fashionista living in the fashion capital is anyone’s dream come true. I am so grateful to be here and I’ll make sure I make the best of this opportunity that I got .

Now lets move on to the outfit and the concept that I decided to share with y’all . Since spring has sprung  in London , beautiful showers of blossoming flowers , the weather is not too cold but has been showing some signs of summer lately and I  am excited as I went through the transition of  a beach babe to fully covered with her coat lady. The weather right after after winter and just before summer , where the days become longer *curfew time extended and screaming in excitement* and nights become shorter  because the earth tilts towards the sun . And in few places trees grow and flowers bloom and its just too beautiful to watch everything around you.

The spring/summer collection also includes knitwear , trench coats, teddy coats and all of these outwears because it’s technically still chilly and going out with just a top and bottoms is still not very easy , an outerwear is a must with the weather here . So when I came here and went out for shopping I noticed the collection in almost all the stores & found out that the knitwear and outerwear is always there displayed , probably its always stocked with new designs and new prints etc but that section is always displayed . So two things that you don’t have to worry about is knitwear and the outerwear, which is accepted and worn in all seasons , you either choose to go out with just knitwear or substitute the knitwear with your casual top or tees and add on a trench coat, so one of these at least is a must to survive and protect you from the weather , in the end you don’t want to be shivering and feeling cold and uncomfortable because by the end of the day it tends to be a bit cold all seasons after the sun sets.

Spring is all about a vibrant and positive mood and so is the clothing.  Includes various colours , bright & pop , pastels, neutral tones too. If you watched the runway shows for S/S collections or if you passed by any shopping stores and you observed the prints displayed on the mannequins. Well, I saw too many floral prints in monochromes, various colours , aztec prints , gingham prints , checks, stripes , snake prints and animal prints, paisleys prints . Flirty and fun defined in such prints .

In today’s article I decided to combine a pastel shade with earthy toned hue Olive . As you can see I am wearing a polo neck over sized knit top in the shade pastel Blue which I think is perfect for the season and this colour personally is very satisfying to my eyes. So the bottoms are not really bottoms , its a bodycon knee length dress in the colour olive . I  noticed few pictures online , in the magazines and also on Instagram by few bloggers teaming up their dresses with a top and to me this idea was something very unique and creative . Who said you cant wear dresses and bodycons in winters or in a cold place, Hell yeah! we can , just wear a knit or a favourite over sized Tee  over the dress and you’re good to go . Many of y’all must’ve thought I was wearing a body fitting skirt  , so the hack to this look was I simply wore knit top over the bodycon dress and a knit that suited the dress well . You can also choose to go all white or all black with your outfit.  In case you’re teaming up two items like this or especially when you think a dress is of no use or has gone out of fashion , come up with such ideas and give a full stop to Fast Fashion. 





So let me give you a short brief of what I wore here. I started off with an olive knee length bodycon that I purchased from H&M , 4 years back and I got it for just 300 INR, which is very cheap because it was raining sale that day. I then decided to wear this pastel blue knit top from Primark for 15 pounds , went along with my tan boots from Streetstylestore for 500 INR  and accessorized this  with the holographic sling bag from Pull&Bear which I have been in love with it since I bought it.

Here we come to an end of this article , it has been a roller coaster ride for me and I am glad I could get back to writing and blogging . It’ll always be my favorite thing to do . I can’t wait to brainstorm for another article and come up with some crazy good content for you guys. You guys have always been so supportive and I’d like to thank each one of you for this . It has always been my pleasure to deliver a content that you guys find useful , so I hope you guys enjoyed and liked this new article of mine .

Have  a nice day and Thank you for taking the time to read this article .

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