Why the Big Break ?

Hi there !

After a long long time !

“It’s genuinely been ages” is what I can say by not faking this phrase !, Oh! how I’ve missed my blog , it just feels so good to finally enter my credentials and click the ‘log in’ button after a decade  .

Well, a lot have changed between my last article on the blog and this article. Just had to get adjusted to this new place I have moved to hence, it took a little time for me to get back to blogging. Oh! how I’ve missed going about spilling everything from what’s in my head to the writing space here. I know you guys have lots of questions and probably wondering whether I left blogging ? No, absolutely not but I was close to letting this path go.

To begin with, I have moved to United Kingdom, London to pursue further studies and finally build my career. As far as Blogging is concerned , it’ll always be a part of me and I have decided that this what I want to surely keep doing. Coming back to my disappearance, moving to a new place , may it be a new home, new village , new city, new state, new country , its a huge change and a huge step. Many things physically change and mentally too. New surroundings, new people , new weather , new things which you have to adapt to. A place like London which is entirely the opposite of Goa was a major change for me . From a humid and sunny climate  to a  chilly, cold and dull and a weather that keeps on changing . From the smallest state of India to one of the biggest and the famous cities of the world where dreams are made ,was where I had to get adjusted.  Struggling to get adjusted to my new home , new weather ,new routes , new people were some challenges that I had to face regularly .  Wondering in my head , how am I going to make my money to survive in a place like London where the expenses are high, will I get a good job ?  Will I get lost catching this bus ? What if this bus takes me elsewhere or what if I get down on the wrong stop. My mind was constantly worried . But I’ve learnt one thing. to get adjusted to the new place you’ve gotta take risks  !and if you end up elsewhere , get up try and get yourself back on track , there’ll be lots of hurdles in life , one solution to get through them is jump , if you fall down , get back on your knees and move forward, don’t look back  because you’ve come a long way . Achieve what you took this decision for and then maybe return back home or grab another goal and run behind it. Well, this was too much of an inspiring dialogue that I shared with you and a major change that I went through which has also changed me from what I was.  Hunting for a new job, looking for a new place, immigration procedures  , it all took me a while to get back to blogging. Now that I’ve finally settled and I am at peace I can continue with my favorite thing to do but not entirely, slow and steady.

If you’re a blogger you’ll understand that there are various factors involved with being a blogger. Writing about the garment or the outfit and then promoting it . Behind all of this comes the time required to style the outfit or come up with a concept, then time required to shoot the concept and the outfit, time required to write the article and upload the images and then the third most important thing, time required to  promote it all. When I say promote , I involve the audience and the the geographic . So now considering a new place , I need to make some changes to the audience that I promote it to which is why this whole process is going to take some more time for me to get back into it completely until I figure out how to get back on track with the 8 hours job that I have. I hope you guys understand my struggle and still continue to support me on this journey of mine .

Anyway , so this is all about it . but ‘Im not going to end my blog post just like this because a blog post without pictures seems incomplete. So I’m just going to share some pictures that I took since I moved here till date. I have uploaded these images on my Instagram account as well so you can watch there too -@SHRUTI_THEURBANISTA is where you could follow me 



So that’s all about it , i had so much to speak about my journey so far and the massive break I took from blogging. I hope this article cleared out all your doubts and questions and from now on we can happily moved forward with lots of new stuff that I am working on for y’all.


Have a lovely Sunday.

Lots of love


The Urbanista



Shruti Haldankar

From the beautiful land of sun, sand and sea, Goa. I've recently completed my Bachelor in Business Administration and earned a BBA degree, I've been fashion blogging for a couple of years now and try to dedicate as much time as possible to my part time passion.

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