Flower Power


Unfortunately, we living in Goa can’t experience the blossoming of flowers here, Although we can still wear outfits that are floral and springy. During spring, we encounter Summer and we prefer wearing clothes which are breathable, cotton, linens, shorts, dresses, skirts, spaghetti tops, bralettes, halter necks. These types of garments make us feel at ease.

I didn’t prefer florals in the beginning because of which I don’t own any outfits which had florals prints. Recently, I gathered two dresses which I loved at the first glance itself , they were also below 500 which were quite affordable and hence I bought them, out of which this dress which has a beautiful floral print with colors like green, orange, and pink. You might have noticed, these colors look fabulous on me also, it’s got a perfect length just the way I prefer. The sleeves are balloon-like. fluffy from the shoulders tightening at my wrist and loosening up thereafter.

You can have a closer look at the pictures below.





Florals can be worn any day at any time on anything. At work, going to a music festival, brunch, dinner date, a party or even your night suit. Florals are acceptable anywhere

Florals have had a deep history and yes, it’s beautiful. Florals held a great meaning and symbolized “feminism. However, people tried to imbue the print on the garments and then we know they had definitely succeeded at it.

It started from Asia, Japan.  When we see their traditional kimono’s we see different floral motifs and prints with beautiful details. You might recall  “Chintz” print which was originated from India, so we now know that India was also a main contributor to the floral print. It was considered as an important fabric and was originally produced in India. which is why the Europeans were so eager to bring these rich and dazzling fabric back with them, which is also the reason to bridge the gap between the West and India.












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