Indigenous Inspirations from India . feat PRAAN:T

Over the generations, fashion and trends have always have been getting challenging , more innovations and creativity in varieties of genres . The fashion industry is a huge industry dealing with fabrics , materials , designs , prints , the list goes on . Let’s not forget our Indian industry when it comes to fashion . Indian garments and designs are on  par with the western culture already, not only does it comprises of  tradition wear like sarees, salwars suits but the Indian designers have successfully managed to go a notch higher to incorporate western style and  Indian, making it a fusion .

What do I understand by Fusion ? Fusion is nothing but a blend of two properties . In this case, it’s a blend of Indian/traditional wear and Western ofcourse. We see a lot of influencers and fashionistas bringing in a lot of new trends. Teaming up a nice ghagra with a white linen shirt or a beautiful traditional saree with a western pop coloured crop top . It’s just beautiful how people can do wonders when it comes to fashion also by keeping up with the latest trends.

This week I attended an exhibition by Monika Chodria who organised her first exhibition in Goa showcasing her best styles along with the latest collection. A well known designer based in Pune who recently launched her Spring and Summer collection 2018 . Let’s learn more about her.

Monika Chordia is a Pune-based designer who’s work is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. She uses age-old weaves and Indian handicrafts to create an exquisite collection of chic, elegant and in-vogue Indian and Indo-western clothing. So by now you must’ve realised we are talking about Indo- Western in this article, although I had previously done an article on Indo Western but just talked about it in brief . Indo Western involves a lot of Indian and regional fabrics .

In mid-October 2016, Monika launched her label, Praan:t with 48 exclusive designs and styles for both, men and women. Her first collection was a showcase of trendy traditional and western wear, primarily made with Chanderi, a weave from the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh; Ajrak – an enticing print from the great Rann of Kutch and block printing from Gujarat

The philosophy of the brand has always been to explore, develop and promote India’s rich heritage of textile traditions – be they weaving, embroidery or printing techniques. Through Praan:t , Monika seeks to provide sustainable employment to the various craft communities of India and to help preserve India’s rich heritage in the process. Praan:t’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection narrates a beautiful tale of modern day India through two of our country’s most remarkable, yet forgotten weaves. From the by-lanes of Bhuj and the heart of West Bengal come the purest of Indian fabrics – Kala Cotton and Khadi Matka. The collection uses the former in subtle, muted, earthen tones to create stylish day-wear and striking, bright hues for the evening-wear made in Khadi Matka.

The range is an elegant ensemble of pure Indian fabrics, western influences, trendy cuts and the most intricate embroideries garnered with innovative detailing and stitching techniques. Monika shares “The philosophy that we have adopted in this collection is very unique, it is inspired by the grass roots of India yet, it is on par with the current trends. It is an attempt to define the modern day Indian women ,powerful and free spirited who carry our tradition with utmost ease, flair and charisma.”

Praan:t celebrates the stylish and the restrained, the bold and the sophisticated, imaginative yet traditional. And each collection of our reflects the same thought.

Isn’t it inspiring when a designer wants to push forward India’s own traditional textiles and it’s own ways of weaving and its prints . India is a diverse country , we have so many states, each state has its own traditonal textiles, it’s own block prints, own ways of weaving and detailing and when you mix India’s different ttraditions and cultures into one outfit , what is going to be the aftermath ?

Lately I have been obsessed with Indie and the Indo- Western fashion, its  easy breezy fabrics, the earthy tones and pastel hues and especially the designs that I adore which also looks minimal and perfect for the summer in Goa these days.




As said before , the new collection involves a lot of regional fabrics. What I noticed about the Praan:t’s new collection was something which I liked, it incorporated more of pleats which differentiated this collection from her previous designs. Her previous collection included much bright colours , where as her Spring Summer collection had a combination of pastels and bright tones. The first outfit is a sleeveless, knee length indigo dress which is made out of a Khadi matka hand woven fabric from West Bengal. The pleats from the waist to the length of the knee on one side of the garment is what makes it Monika’s signature property from her recent collection.

This is the second outfit which I thought I should blog about , also because size was a constraint , this fitted my body structure perfectly. This isn’t a one piece jumpsuit which you thought when you saw it at a first glance or probably until I mentioned it, but its a  tie up co-ord set . Round neck , loose sleeves , easy to wear , classy looking as well as easy and minimalistic outfit that you can wear anywhere. It’s culottes are wider at the end along with a small slit which then covers it uniquely with a  bright red khadi fabric , you can notice the details  in the second picture. The fabric used in this whole co-ord set is a linen satin with dip dye from Bhuj .

I would like to thank Monika and her team for inviting me and allowing me to cover her beautiful garments for my blog , it’s nothing less than an honour to me . Also a huge shout out to  Kuheli and Flexcia  ! shooting with these two beauties for the first time has been a pleasure and mostly fun at the same time.  I cannot wait to work with them again  .

Here we come to an end of this article , you guys should definitely check out  praan:t and encourage designers like Monika who put tremendous efforts in promoting our long lost Indian traditional fabrics and our craftsmen through their designs .

I hope you all enjoyed this article featuring Praan:t and are taking home some good knowledge about fusion fashion. Also like Monika, lets work on promoting our Indian fashion industry from its smallest lanes to the corners of India.


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