Break Free – series 2

Hello loves !

How have you guys been ? I would like to thank each and every one of you for sending me lots of love for the previous article . I didn’t have the slightest idea nor expect you all to admire this article so much.

I am so stoked to announce that I’ve been featured as one of  the Top 8 best fashion bloggers in Goa and I cannot thank you guys enough for all the support , love and mostly believing in me that I’d reach so far . It’s a huge achievement for me to be featured here and I request you all to keep supporting me just the way you guys have been doing since the beginning of this beautiful journey.

Let me give you a small brief about Magic pin . Magic Pin is the destination to find out the buzz in your locality- discover interesting people to connect with and to experience around you. They are live across food, beauty and fashion categories and available across Delhi NCR, Bangalore ,  Chandigarh, Mumbai and Jaipur.. They have over 6 lakh downloads and are well-funded company that believes in providing the best local experiences to their users. Offline retail is a $1 Trillion market in India (by 2020). This is 100x the size of ecommerce and constitutes of many large brands and millions of merchants across categories like restaurants, fashion, spa, beauty, yoga, sports, gym, and more. With the penetration of smartphones, the way we discover and transact these local experiences is changing and magicpin is driving that change.

Our user community, known as ‘magicians’ are up and about in their city’s neighborhoods sharing their local experiences through picture stories that inspire other users to have those experiences.  For partner brands and merchants, we are the place to engage people, to spotlight their uniqueness, reward loyal customers, and share updates about new events or services. On Magicpin, a partner’s customers create content that goes on to social media to more relevant users, increasing new and repeat business to the partner. The ability to drive engagement and commerce at a neighborhood level is what wins Magicpin the love of thousands of live partners.

Getting  back to my article and series 2, as explained in my previous article  “Contemporary” is  a general category for photography from the 1970s onward. Over the past few decades, the medium has been defined by new technologies and formats, among the most important being color photography, digital manipulation, and large-scale printing techniques. Contemporary photographers often use these developments to present new perspectives on traditional subjects and compositions for example expansive, deadpan views of nature, portraits of subjects from the fringes of society. There is also a recurring blurring of the division between documentary and fiction. However, Mohit’s concept is a part of Contemporary Photography ,  in these photographs below , Mohit’s execution was somewhere between portraiture and fine art.  In his mind , he wanted to create mood boards where as a model I created various looks and we improvised during the photo shoot . His body of work was mainly focused on creating images between dream & reality . In the pictures below you might have noticed that my eyes are shut, according to Mohit it’s the best way to connect with someone.


Compared to the previous article , it wasn’t necessary to style the outfit so much but here we wanted to show something that will bring the wind into play , something flowy would be a wonderful idea and hence selecting a  plain solid red  dupatta and a flowy black  layered skirt made a powerful combination for this series.

I appreciate all the compliments that I’ve received for my previous article and I hope that this one also creates that interest for each one of you to read . I’ll make sure , I continue to share everything that I learn, with all of you , all my experiences and ideas. Make sure you guys also share some ideas or something specific that you guys would want to me to write about , lets keep it engaging and have fun together.

And here we come to an end of this contemporary journey and my second series of this genre . Next up is something really simple and something related to this coming weather/season, I am as excited as you all are for what’s coming up next 

Have a lovely week ahead.





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