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How have you guys been ?

The response I got after my first article on contemporary fashion was surprising , I didn’t have the slightest idea that there would be majority of you who would like contemporary . I am overwhelmed by the response I got on this article and Thank you so much for all the love .

Recently I was invited as a judge for a fashion show , which took place at St.Xavier’s Collee Goa, organised by the psychology department.  The theme was based on portraying Goan culture in a modern way .So few participants displayed mindblowing ideas, they incorporated our traditional clothes and today’s trendy styles in one. The amount of enthusiasm and creativity put into executing the show by the participants was impressive and hence I enjoyed every bit of it.

We are not done here , Besides the green attire,  I picked out this Fit and Flare dress from Twelve AM:PM and this week we are talking about Fit and Flare dresses but before I begin , let me give you a some information about the brand I am wearing .

TWELVE AM:PM is the front-runner in defining contemporary fashion for the shopper seeking global fashion with an Indian soul. The brand has redefined “fresh fashion” and launches a new soiree, a new collection every month. What’s more – you can’t afford to miss not indulging in a design – coz once expired – it never makes a come-back to the shelves. So indulge now !

Catering to the discerning global fashionista, Twelve alleviates its wearer of the eternal quest of refreshing the wardrobe. With as many as Twelve capsule collections in a year, there is always something new for one to indulge in and never a dull moment in the store. Each design comes with an expiry date and barring the ubiquitous classics, the designs do not make a come-back. Its more than a reason to fire your impulses ( all Twelve of them ) and indulge !

It brings International fashion and ultra hip styling to Indian shores in this eclectic package of quirky fashion. The label is uber-chic, spunky and extremely fashionable whilst being elegant and overtly contemporary in its aesthetic. Completely in-sync with International trend forecasts, Twelve is at the forefront of cutting edge fashion, often seen on international ramps but delivers the same at prices that are unparalleled.

Developed by a global creative team, the label for its India launch collaborates with design visionaries Ankur and Priyanka Modi who are known for their understated aesthetic and strong rooted passion for everything Indian. The special edition collections meant for the Indian market come with a liberal dosage of Indian seasoning in an otherwise cutting-edge western fashion offering. Twelve AMPM is a comprehensive wardrobe solution for the wearer replete with an offering of accessories such as sunglasses, handbags and wallets,belts, jewelry and footwear besides its mainstay, apparel.

Twelve ampm is located in New Delhi , Bangalore, Mumbai and now in Goa .  The store was inaugurated and launched on November 2017 . Twelve ampm is located in 12 cities including Dubai , the latest store was opened in Goa as a collaborated store in Taj Vivant Panjim. Its now open and you guys can shop a whole lot from here . The brand name itself tells you that this store has got everything from a formal workaholic morning to a dance away party wear .

There are different types of western dresses. To name some we’ve got the bodycon , Asymmetric dresses, Pencil dresses, Tunic dresses, Tube dresses. The one I am wearing in the images below is called a Fit & Flare dress. A dress like this one, fits perfectly till your waist and flares from after that till the length of the dress, the length can also vary as per the dress, in this case mine is a knee length dress.  This dress is universally flattering and gives a curvy look to your overall stature. Now I personally encourage all kinds of body shapes to wear all type of dresses but when we consider the fashion rules and the fashion police , there is a certain type of dress that compliments your body shape . Now a Fit and Flare dress is suitable for women of Hourglass shaped, Well-toned women with flattering waists. The fashion industry does not recommend this type of dress to women with plump legs and waist. For more information on different types of dresses click here  .



I am in love with this Fit flare dress  V-neck dress with a floral print all over the dress from Twelve ampm , perfect for a dinner date , a formal evening .

You may want to ask where we shot these amazing pictures , Yes, the interiors look beautiful and very instagrammy therefore I chose the extravagant Hotel Le Meridien Goa this time not only because i loved interiors but it was complimenting my outfit and the theme too. takes you back to jazz hall in the retros.

My friend Ian De Noronha and I collaborated for this shoot .Ian De Noronha is an amazing photographer who learnt different genres of photography at The One School Goa. These shots certainly tells you how creatively he has captures the pictures. He is open for collaborations and you can check out his profile here – @ian_de_noronha .

And here we come to an end of this beautiful article that talks about contemporary fashion .I’m more than grateful, that writing helps me gain knowledge and provide the same to all you people reading it . Thank you so much for being with me till date, I promise to deliver new ideas and new information . Also, if you guys have any particular recommendations please let me know in the comments below .




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