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Holi is approaching and it’s that time of the years where we have to take good care of our skin and hair because there are lots of chemicals  that will lead you to some skin issues and hence, I’ve decided to write this article right before Holi, in case we happen to get so involved in the festival of colours that we forget to take care of our gentle and delicate skin . Make sure you apply lots of oil to your body and hair to keep the colour out of contact.


This article is about few natural and organic  products from Nature’s Van along with my review , I honestly love these products because they don’t have side effects or any chemicals mixed in them that would affect your skin, but ingredients in each product certainly have great properties that can cure and treat skin problems, want to know what they are?  Before I begin let me tell you what Nature’s Van is all about Natures Van product range comprises of bath and shower gels, Handmade soaps, Home spa products, Body lotion, Hand creams and Home Fragrances . the ethos of the company remains seeking out the most beneficial ingredients inspired by nature to create a range of products , which make a world of differences. Nature’s Van uses the best from nature’s vast repertoire and recreates fresh seasonal formulations using organic cold pressed oils, plant extracts, herb infusion and pure essential recipes and modern technology to create a whole new experience with these organic products. They are also involved in making customized pure handmade soaps and spa products. You can select from a vast range of essential oils and base oils and then the experts will then evaluate and come up with a unique product to pamper your senses.

Here are the products I’ve used and reviewed.


 Pomegranate face scrub

It’s always a necessary to exfoliate our skin and get rid of the dead skins on our body and face. When you exfoliate on regular basis, you’re removing the impurities. The dirt, the dead cells of our body which then brings that glow on your face and skin also making it smooth. As recommended by the dermatologist, you should be scrubbing the flaky skin at least 2 to 3 times a day , make sure to wet your face then apply the scrub in a circular motion at the T of your face . Scrubbing every day could damage your cells and skin so try and avoid that and let your skin heal by itself.

Here is one Scrub I’d like to tell you tell you about and how much better my skin has felt after using this pomegranate scrub by Nature’s Van. I have a lot of whiteheads in my nose area and my chin. As a solution this problem I always opt for a scrub to get rid of it , because I’ve tried the Clean & clear blackhead and whiteheads remover  which is not that effective and also the facemask which is not at all easy to use and yes the pain is unbearable especially when you have facial hair, also that I’m constantly on the move, I don’t have enough time to keep seated and wait for the mask to dry and hence I always opt for a face scrub which efficient and time-saving, works like a face wash .

My new favourite is this Pomegranate face scrub- Pomegranate is very good for skin as it acts as an antioxidant, the level is higher than that of green tea or wine, it protects the skin cells from damage, help remove free radicals and reduce inflammation. Pomegranate Face Scrub is a cream based face scrub with pomegranate seeds, it helps in exfoliating the dead skin and cells on the epidermal of the face leaving it moisturized. Usually it’s advised to apply a moisturizer after using a face scrub but in this case you don’t really need one, all you have to do is wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. I really felt the difference after I used this face scrub, my face feels smooth and already moisturized and I can’t really feel my whiteheads anymore also I feel refreshed.

Almond and Saffron body lotion

Daily moisturizing is essential for our skin , to keep it healthy, smooth, exfoliated ,to stay young and blemish free, if you don’t consider it important you need to start right away . Now let me tell you how and why is almond beneficial to our skin, a little fact that I read on the internet while I was studying all these natural ingredients used in making these body care products by Nature’s Van. Almonds act as a natural moisturizer itself, it nourishes and hydrates the skin and there you are! With a smooth and supple skin. It also repairs the damaged skin and helps in the formation of new cells and that is the exact reason why your skin texture is enhanced. Also prevents aging and acts as a soothing property when inflammation is caused. The second natural ingredient in this body lotion is the saffron. Ever wondered why is saffron so expensive in the market? Yes, just like how our skin is precious to us, this spice is considered very precious in the world. Saffron has been a beauty ingredient of the royals for many generations, it has this purifying property and is an anti-oxidant too. Saffron lightens up your skin making it glow like never before, it also tones the skin evenly, acts as an anti-acne agent which is the problem of 90% women today.  This lotion smells all day, it can be used on the body as well as face. Almond oil has excellent moisturizing property. It is used to eliminate excessively dry skin. On the other hand Saffron from the ages has been helping in the fairness of complexion and removal of skin blemishes, highly nourishing lotion concentrated with potent anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins and oils. Contains Olive 1000-for skin softening and moisturizing. Delicious smelling body lotion will immediately hydrate, soften and feed your skin nutrients for healthy glowing complexion. Now, little bit of what I personally noticed, it smells yum, like I could literally lick it from my body haha! , yes it’s that good. It does keep your body moisturized all day and the fragrance remains for 24 hours. I’m in love with this lotion.


Jasmine and Mogra Shower Gel


Not just these flowers have a beautiful scent but they do have some important role to play, when it comes to doing wonders on your skin. The essence of jasmine leave your skin feeling soft, it also relieves dry skin and stretch marks and tones the skin by increasing the elasticity of the skin. It also acts as an antiseptic property to keep your skin out of any infections. It also helps in regulating the amount of oil that is produced by our oily skin. Jasmine helps moisturize the skin by not allowing to break out and thus relaxing and making the skin glow. Mogra which is also known as Arabian Jasmine, acts as a good source of natural fragrance for hair and body. Mogra has an amazing property for moisturizing dry skin, it addresses more of dry skin issues, wrinkles and dead skin cell buildup. Mogra makes you feel fresh and energetic. It also acts as a cure by treating the burns caused by sun damage. Mogra is also an instant solution to treat acne. Richly foaming hydrating body wash refreshes and soothes while gently caressing and cleansing your body. The Jasmine and Mogra essential oils, rosemary and mulberry extracts nourish for healthier skin. All natural formula is free of dyes, free of chemical preservatives or any other toxins. The aroma of jasmine has a pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind and the body. The moment I used this shower gel , it smelled so good that i kept on rubbing it and then when I washed it off, I felt that smoothness and softness on my skin,  I recommend this body wash .


Strawberry bath salt


The benefits of bath salt are splendid, Epson salt has been doing wonders for years, and it has got beneficial properties like soothing mind body and soul. It also plays a huge role in reading the nervous system, acts as a cure for skin problems, healing cuts, treating cold and congestion and taking away toxins from the body. The best way to treat stress and feel better is to soak yourself in a bathtub in warm water with a few cups Epson salt. Strawberry on the other hand has anti-ageing properties, it protects our body from oxidative damage and stall the signs of wrinkles, sagging skin etc. The nutrients in strawberry fight the radicals which were found to damage cells and breakdown collagen, anthocyanin’s present in strawberry also protect the skin from oxidative stress thereby slowing down the ageing. Strawberries also contain alpha-hydroxyl acid, which is an important substance that helps in eliminate dead skin cells and cleanses the skin in the process.

Let’s talk about this Strawberry bath salt by Nature’s Van, the bath salt carry many benefits beyond looking beautiful and smelling great. Bath salts extend way beyond your time in the tub, after your bath, you will be left relaxed, calmed and happy. Nature’s Van’s bath salts are soothing blend of legendary Dead Sea rich mineral salts along with Epson Salt and Minerals and of course the natural essential oils for super relaxation & moisturizing effects on the whole body. They are a great combination of Sea Salt, Epson salt. Olive oil and some awesome essential oils.   MY PERSONAL VIEW.


Coffee & Mint soap

Coffee is considered as one of those that can make you more beautiful, coffee has been widely studied for its inflammatory properties, it’s very effective to those skin suffering from breakouts as the antioxidants in coffee can help soothe red and inflamed breakouts. Coffee also helps fight free radicals and slows down the process of ageing. It has also been proven that coffee protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation and treats the skin damage caused by sun exposure. Coffee helps brighten skin, minimizes dark circles, and reduces cellulite. Mint blended in this soap will cleanse and tighten the pores completely, leaving you with rash and oil free skin. Mint also helps treat pimples which is rich in salicylic acid which help prevent pimples. Mint also helps exfoliate dead skin cells and revealing fresh skin on the outer surface. It also helps treat all sorts of facial imperfections like blackheads, acne and rough skin. Nature’s Van Cold pressed soaps are 100% natural and made from scratch in traditional ways and techniques. The skills and care put into making the soaps years ago, as well as the recipes that were carried down from generation to generation, make their comeback with these creamy, soft soaps that produce spectacular lather. These soaps are ideal for those sensitive skin. Such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis or anyone allergic to commercials soap because they don’t strip the skin of its natural, beneficial oils. In fact, they are mild enough to use on infants and baby’s delicate skin.  These 100% natural soaps do not contains any synthetic ingredients, colors or scents. Instead, they are made with the freshest, highest quality natural ingredients, colored with natural clays, scented with natural aromatherapy grade essential oils. This soap with coffee beans and essential oils of mint is a great combination of amazing smelling brew along with the benefits to the skin like exfoliating, nourishing, de-tanning and deodorizing.

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