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I hope you are all doing well , for this post I thought we should take it a notch back to the late 80’s, early-90’s era. A defining era of fashion with loose fitting and oversized, loud outfits along with peppy pop colors sweeping the crowd away. Denims were also quite fluctuating in trend and constantly going on and off, they however were frequently used during this era. Adidas Originals are a brand that always appeal to me as the whole concept of retro inspired fashion in a modern and minimal style is massive winner for me. People who know me personally, also know that one of the singers/celebrities I admire the most is Dua Lipa, not only for her voice and humble attitude but also her style. Dua also creates looks inspired by retro fashion. Being a budget-conscious/friendly blogger I always look at how you can maximize style in the least amount of budget possible and also make use of the items you may already be having in your closet. So, I decided to put together my love for retro fashion and minimalism along with looks inspired by Adidas Originals and Dua Lipa along with pocket-friendly clothing items and accessories.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles that I am trying to merge vintage and retro style in my fashion and influencing you with something beautiful that turns out after this modern and vintage combination. When I indulge myself into binge watching the 70’s-90’s Tv series and movies , I make an attempt to notice the lifestyle and the fashion of then . For few to name , ”Friends, That 70’s show , Back to the future, Stranger things etc”. As explained in the above paragraph , denims were totally into fashion , head to toe denims was what those days were popular for and that style would never be called off.  Baggy jeans , track suits , pop colours, glitter and shimmer ,chokers, jewellery. It was all about this cool fashion back then.



Getting back to what I’ve put together for you guys, a look totally influenced by the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Chequered patterns , polka dots , gingham were always in fashion in those days , so here I decided to use gingham tube top from Shein.in  for Rs 390 only  , Adidas has without any doubts brought back the track pants with slits and buttons , we can see some of the famous faces wear them as well , to name a  few we have an award winning artist Dua Lipa  and the top model from the Kardashian family Kendall Jenner. I purchased these indistinguishable  looking pants from a garment store in Panjim called ”Xtend” for Rs 900. As said before, Oversized denim jackets and everything denim never went unnoticed so I topped the whole outfit with this over-sized light blue denim jacket from Sarojini Nagar for just Rs 600. When you go back to the old retro fashion , you think of cat eyes sunglasses , oval shaped sunglasses , big round sunglasses , flat lens sunglasses . Well, in this outfit I am wearing a red tinted and red framed flat lens sunglasses, which I am currently crushing on and I love wearing these whenever I go out of the house , I bought this pair from SheIn.in  for Rs 390 , again because they have a huge variety of sunglasses. Not forgetting my dead red sneakers from Street Style Store for 500 Rs , Whenever I have to buy trendy heels or funky shoes, I always think of StreetStyleStore.  This is the one stop online shop for the most reasonable and budget friendly shoes/heals/clothes/accessories , they initially started off with shoes and now they expanded and are catering to other products as well . I had to add a hint of a Pop colour to this entire outfit , so I decided  to wear these bright red sneakers from Streetstylestore. Last but not the least, my accessories like the gold spiral choker from Eristona for 200 bucks and layered vintage necklace from Flipkart  for 150 Rs , are adding glam to my complete outfit.

These pictures  have been photographed by a talented proffessional Photographer  Shirish Khedekar , they are also edited by him as per the theme that is vintage , you can check out his work on his Instagram page – @onegigapixel and @threegigapixel

That’s all for this article, I hope you guys found this outfit, easy breezy and a budget friendly  . Also, if you guys have any suggestions or any new concepts in mind that you want to me to create my content for  please do not hesitate , it’s always nice working on something unique and something suggested by you all .

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Until then stay Stylish and have a beautiful evening !

-The Urbanista


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