Weekend Getaway at Montego Bay Beach Village, Goa

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How are you all doing? It’s always a fabulous idea to make some time for yourself, pamper yourself and let your body relax when you’ve been working for the whole week. A day in a week, and 8 hours of sleep to keep your body rejuvenated and active. Don’t let your body work every hour, every day, give it a rest.

A weekend getaway is always a good plan . I live in Goa , you could say the most relaxed, perfect weather and lively place in India. I thought to myself, why not have a girl time and a day for my mom and me to relax from the busy days at work, cutting off from the city life and spending a day at a beach. Initially, we had planned to bring our dear pet , our love for the stay , but he has got some traveling issues and we decided we should not out his life at risk and hence, just the two us left for a perfect weekend getaway.

Montego Bay Beach Resort in Goa offers you accommodation bang on Morjim beach. Take a break from your busy city life and unwind with nature in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, where every person has his own privacy and enjoys the surroundings of a coconut grove and a virgin beach where you can just have an impromptu beach day which is just a few meters away from the resort.



Let me tell you about the facilities at Montego Bay Beach Village . Beginning with the rooms, it has got around 4-5 living spaces you can choose from, namely the Villa

The Villa gives you the feel of staying in a Goan house (beach house) influenced by the Portuguese architecture. The villa is about 100 years old and is furnished with colonial antique furniture. It’s in the center of Montego Bay Beach Village, overlooking the sands and sea of Morjim. Consisting of a large balcony, a living room, a bedroom with 2 double beds, a kitchen(non-functional) and a European standard bathroom en-suite.The villa is ideal for a family of 4 looking to stay and enjoy one of the best beaches of Goa



I stayed in an AC  Log Cabin during the getaway. Each Log Cabin has been created keeping in mind the guest’s needs and comforts. The aesthetically designed living areas inspire and enhance the spirit, mind body and soul. The Log cabins are Beach huts with AC, they are made of Wood so you can experience the Natural Beauty, they are cutely designed for couples who want to come out of their busy city life and get a completely different experience of staying in a quiet peaceful Beach in the tranquil of a coconut grove and get a feel of being one with nature. Also, the wooden texture keeps the space cool and chilly and yes its definitely cozy staying here.

Air-conditioned Beach Tents are ideally suited for experience seeking couples, they are closest to the Beach. The Beach tent is an ideal room for those who practice Yoga.

Talking about food , my dad , my mom and I like to keep it light when we are lunching or when we dine, we don’t opt for heavy food, just keep it light. So we decided we’d go for healthy salads and light starters. My mum loves arugula salads so she ordered a rocket salad for herself , if you don’t go for a seafood salad while you’re right in front of the beach then what’s the point right? This place has a huge list for almost everything, it was pretty difficult to choose from the starters but finally we made a choice of having chicken papadums and Goan chilly chicken, which was excellent. We went for simple yet tropical drinks, a pina colada for my mum and my basic watermelon juice. The bar section makes some lovely cocktails and mocktails from its menu, that I must say.

You cannot feel tedious in this space , plenty of activities are available here ,  get rid of your phone for a while and relax on the hammock or watch sea waves basking in the sun  or play pool with your companion , take a walk in the property amongst the palms or swim in the pool to feel refreshed or even on the beach spending time sunbathing. You can also unwind and de-stress with a body massage which is in-house.

So I hope you enjoyed my article and my stay at the resort-inspired you to have your own getaway here in Goa. I hope you’re already planning your stay at Montego Bay in Morjim. For more details log on to www.montegobay.com or follow their social media handles on Facebook and Instagram.



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