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Firstly, I would like to inform all you guys that I recently got featured on a local social media page called the ”Incredible Goa” for my sense of fashion , in this particular article one had to showcase any local Goan element in the entire outfit . So lets begin with what I had in mind.

Goa is full of famous ancient memorabilia, though we are a small state , we’ve got a bigger past  and it seems we Goans love including a little bit of our treasured past in everything that is present.

Goa is beautiful, but a lot of credit for it’s development thanks the impact created by the Portuguese; the monuments, their culture, their traditional clothes which were entirely western since they belonged to Europe but what we don’t cease to remember is our past traditions and our ancestors who were residents of the state .

Just like the other states who’ve got their own respective traditional sarees, like the Bengali saree, the Maharashtian paithani and so on , Goa has also got its own traditional sarees which have become quite famous after a well known designer in the Indian fashion industry who is apparently from a Goan origin . Wendell Rodrick’s ongoing  fashion project on reviving the Goan traditional wear and incorporating it into modern contemporary fashion. Goa is well known for its various traditional attires, beginning with the Kunbi Saree.

So as a Goan fashion Blogger this article is entirely dedicated to Goa by incorporating that special Goan essence into my outfit for the very first time. Of course we cannot resuscitate our tradition by wearing a traditional saree for an everyday outing or as we young generation call it “hanging out”, but what we can do is add a hint of beautiful traditional wear like the traditional clothes or even jewellery.  Here is a simple way of how I styled my casual, modern day outfit by transforming a Kunbi saree material into a tube top , blending a bit of the vintage  and the modern 21st century for this look.


As I adore and have sort of liking towards the vintage and retro culture, I make sure that there is at least one component which resembles the style of the  the 70s to the 90s. I am very fond of the retro pop art, the music, the vintage furniture from the yesteryears.

Although Goa has its traditional fashion in place, it would not only be challenging but also a major faux pas for us to wear sarees as a casual wear unless it is an occasion suitable for an attire like that. So why don’t we explore and style an outfit for a casual outing making the best use of that traditional piece.

That’s why I decided to put to use and channel my inner vintage soul and of course draw inspiration from the place I call home, Goa.

White cotton always goes the best for a climate like Goa, so instead of using a denim jacket I switched it with a cotton shirt as an over wear. As the main top here , I modified this Kunbi material to a tube top, not missing out on the show of the fabric as well as the details of a Kunbi saree. Below that, since the 90’s generation wore high waist bottoms I wore blue high waist denims to give it a vintage look. My accessories are always minimal, so as an element of the vintage again, I wore a black choker and silver huge ass ear rings, which complemented the entire outfit. The tote bag is very much of an advantageous item whenever you’re going out somewhere.

Girls always have lots of stuff to carry whenever they move out of the house, a bucket bag always helps because we can then dump as many things we want without making the bag look over packed or congested. For the footwear you’re free to wear flats, boots or anything that you like.

So there you have it, the perfect blend of traditional ethnic, vintage and modern all coming together in beautiful combination that will make sure you catch all the attention.

Last but not the least, For anyone who passes by these lanes , especially us Goans , the vibes of the bygone days would surely entice feelings of nostalgia .



Shruti Haldankar

From the beautiful land of sun, sand and sea, Goa. I've recently completed my Bachelor in Business Administration and earned a BBA degree, I've been fashion blogging for a couple of years now and try to dedicate as much time as possible to my part time passion.


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