Romantic & Radiant by Noemia Da Silva

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Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend . So I had my first ever professional fashion show and for a beginner I think I did a great job as per feedback received from everyone who came to watch me walk and those who saw the videos and the pictures. Phew! Thank you for all your love and wishes.

This post is about all the hardwork put in by everyone behind the scenes, which resulted in the grandeur of the show.

Lets begin with the Make up and Hair, because of which we looked gorgeous on the stage . All the credits go to Tejal  Mahambre(makeupartist_tejalmahambre)  & Roanna Silveira(makeup_call) for making us all look like beauties for this fashion show . Thank you so much !

Here are the professionals at work .







Noemia Da Silva showcased her collection at the GOA DAY Fashion Show organized by Dias Events at the Merces church grounds on 30th April 2017.

The Designer Noemia Da Silva offered an elegant colorful collage of various styles which started with great styling, coordination and rich Fabrics giving a fresh and relevant feel to the collection, be it neat tailored blouses to traditional feminine gowns with a twist and elaborate evening gowns.

The first round showcased all her lovely tops designed in colour synchronisation . Combined with pop colours , blacks blue and whites, florals , various materials utilized , like the Mesh , Satin, Silk, Georgette , Taffeta. Perfect outfits between casual and formal.



Round 2 showcased all the silk dresses and gowns , more of structured clothes which focused on cuts and the fabric. Again a mixture of florals , detailed work on each and every dress . This collection was inspired by Architecture.

Here are some of the images showcasing her beautiful work.

Round 3 was a  collection of her Gowns and combination of flowy Chiffon dresses along with Georgette embellishments. Inspired by the theme Romance.


And finally the dress that stole all the attention of the crowd , the show stopper wearing the perfect combination of red and black, skin coloured mesh fabric and the wonderful floral detailing. Loved this piece by Noemia Da Silva.

Here is the beauty with the brains behind the designs we all wore and looked astonishing on the stage. Cheers to each and every person on the team who have made sure that everything is on point and perfectly executes ,  helped us every minute and because of whom the whole fashion was a success.


Last but not the least I would like to extend my gratitude towards Noemia Da Silva and thank her in every way possible for allowing me to walk for her show, it was my first and the best fashion show.

A big thanks to Cilton Fernandes for allowing me to use his pictures for my article .

Hope you guys had the best time reading this article and continue to follow me and my fashion blog. Thanks for all the love and support .

                                                                                                                                             Lots of Love

-The Urbanista

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