Day 2 at Pop it up in association with India beach Fashion week 

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Day 2 was superb , I met some new bloggers from around India it was really nice to know them and about their blogs. Day 2 had a strong ethnic theme to it. They were many ethnic collections, there was a lot of class and richness in day 2 and the collections showcased.

So getting back to IBFW , Day 2 has been hectic but we had designers like Sakshi K relan , Gandhian Fab , Kanvas , Rachna Sansad – School of fashion and textile Design , Lalit Dalmia , Sukriti and Aakriti , Sangeeta Sharma , Ashok Maanay and the headliner  Shyamal and Bhumika .

So beginning with  Sakshi K relan ,

Sakshi showcases her collection as most comfy and smart casuals , she used her whites as her base colour on which she had detailing in other bright colours like blue and pink  , keeping the modernity she used white kickers as the main pair of shoes in all and as accessories she used the ethnic accessories on her western outfits which really matched and complimented the entire outfit .

Amin Farista and his label Gandhian Fab showcased is collection of beach wear in this rough and beautiful “Young Khadi” . They showcased how can this kind of fabric be also used to design outfits for the beach wear and yet he has successfully done it with grace and managed to use a fabric for beach wear  which is mostly used for making a saree or a jacket .

Rachna Sansad – School of fashion and textile design . Amalgamation of young minds shaped  and carved to perfection for profound work . The Collezione is an experiential collectible if top 11 students it Rachna Sansad . They are trying to blend in different culture , concepts and aesthetics. Bringing together an extremely creative collection for IBFW 2017, with handcrafted prints and embroidery of different genres , where blues , Lavender , lovely yellow, occur , green , earthy tones , and tints . Some new fabrics that were experimented were light weight twill denim and cotton satin lycra,chiffon, crepe,cotton,silk, net , taffeta and many other combinations.

Lalit Dalmia held a strong concept called ” La Mode ” which is referred to as a vintage , persons and situations of the past that have an ironic stance in a unique style . The designs superficially serve as a convenient alternative to those who admire in old style but prefer modern interpretation . The collection shows nostalgia of cynism and attachment and lots of drama added. Over all the collection seemed dramatic and vintage , also colours such as pistachio , greens , navy blue , Burgundy, black , fashion and ivory were utilised in order to make them get a feel of vintage wear.  The combination of the show having it on the beach made it stand out even more .

Sukriti and Aakriti called their collection the “Unicorn tribe ” since it’s totally inspired by the unicorn . The fairy tales and fantasy of the desi girls come alive with lots of glitter with pink pastels , sticking to a frosted rainbow pallet e. The collection yet again sticks to brand aesthetics in organic cotton in voluminous dreamy silhouetted extremely lightweight and festive .  Sukriti and Aakriti totally changed the perspective of Unicorns and converted the modern Unicorns to ethnic and Desi Unicorns , we’ll yes it did have a fantastic and fairytale touch to it .


Kanvas by Komal Panchal . Kalamkari  is a type of of hand painted or block printed cotton textile , produced in parts of India , where in the “Kalam ” or pen to used for foree hand drawing of the subject and filling contemporary forms . Many of us say that Black is a dark colour or course of sadness but in her collection Black is potrayed in a powerful manner  . A collectiontion that stands for unity and strength , Kanvas has showed us the perfect t outfit if you want to go black entirely.

Sangeeta Sharma ‘s love and affection  for the national bird peacock gives her an inspiration to adorn the ensembles with beautiful colours and attractive features of the peacock . The collection is dedicated to all the attributes of the peacock like the nobility , holiness , protection , royalty and compassion. The use of digital printed motifs and hand embroidered patterns have made her collections a hybrid outcome of the latest technology and the traditional craftsmanship. The flowy silhouettes and elegant style gives it a contemporary look.  It was truly beautiful to see how she brought in a printing themed of the peacock in her collection . Not only did it have the green , blue in the outfits but she also involved other bright colours like the orange , yellow , cream etc .

Ashok Maanay got inspired by the golden era of silks , he presents his collection “Silken Masquerade” ; the collection has an ethereal undertone radiating glamour . The ensembles exude sheer elegance and are dominated by bright vibrant and vintage hues of gold , beige and ivory . The typical colours of a sunny day . For the men ,this collection is reminiscent of the finely crafted garments worn in silk and tweaked to give and improvised look to target those who appreciate intricacy and workmanship.

Shyamal and Bhumika  have opted for a trendy soft summery feel with the grace of silhouettes enhanced using the cascading tulle , tafettas and satin floors sweeping gowns , embellished raw silk lehengas , capes , and bra top bodices . The men’s collection has sherwanis and jackets in various lengths , a classic silhouette with dhoti pants and the traditional bhangalas worn over riding breaches inspired trousers . The delicate feel about Shyamal and Bhumika ‘s spring collection is expressed through the ornamentation and craft used .  I have no words to say about this collection , loved it so much .

That’s it for Day 2 , I can’t wait to see the Finale and the last day of India beach Fashion week which is coming to an end.

Shruti Haldankar

From the beautiful land of sun, sand and sea, Goa. I've recently completed my Bachelor in Business Administration and earned a BBA degree, I've been fashion blogging for a couple of years now and try to dedicate as much time as possible to my part time passion.

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