Manali , the land of Himachal (western girl travels to North )

My last post was about how beautiful and peaceful Amritsar was .

It was late night bus which we caught in Chandigarh and left right away for Manali . I was so excited , because I had never been to North and had never seen snow in my entire life .

I was already wearing my fluffy jacket but as soon as we reached Manali near this cold gushing river, the name of it is Beas river near the bus stand  , it was freezing cold , should have been -3 degrees when we got down , we rushed our way to the hotel which we had booked in advance.

We wrapped ourselves with whatever possible at that moment , because it was freezing cold ,we thought of having a nap for quite few hours after the bus journey but everything including the bedsheets and the blanket were almost frozen , what we really needed was a heater at that point of time.

Anyway, we faced a very big shock here , because Modiji decided to demonitise 500 and 1000 and also made the limit of withdrawal to 2000 per day, me and my friends were ranting and had saved up alot to shop here in Manali but no cash .

We struggled to get cash and finally bought a leather jacket from ,which Il be revealing in my next post ( stay tuned for it).

Shopped alot for my family and friends , now talking about shopping here there are few branded stores , but the street shopping is lovely , quality product for low budget. I must’ve spent atleast 3000 to get everything what I wanted . From leather to boots below 1000 bucks .

Everything about Manali was panoramic,chilly , beautiful and pleasant.

Besides the beauty and  street shopping , the food over here was mind-blowing. The place was famous for noodles , momos , Chinese and Indian food. Vegetarian food is just mouth watering , the right amount of spices and the right amount of butter .

This is the best cafe in Manali located in a quiet  area and filled with tranquility near a gushing river  . This is a place I would like to advice , if you are a fan of places which are quiet, pleasant and  absolutely  love music especially the retro music if 60′-90’s , “The Beatles” and “Bon Jovi”  ,this is the place to be. If you would like to escape from the usual metro cities then this is the cafe you should definitely visit .

I hope you guys loved this post of Manali just like the food I displayed ?.

Shruti Haldankar

From the beautiful land of sun, sand and sea, Goa. I've recently completed my Bachelor in Business Administration and earned a BBA degree, I've been fashion blogging for a couple of years now and try to dedicate as much time as possible to my part time passion.

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