Serendipity Arts Festival

Hello everybody !

I know many of y’all were unable to attend the Serendipity arts festival but nothing to worry , go through my blog and I will ensure that the feels will  take you through the festival.

Alright !  So the festival is spread in these 8 venues across the river Mandovi , Goa .

Namely ,

  • Jardim Garcia d’orta-EXPLORE
  •  Adil shah palace – ENCOUNTER
  • Old Gmc complex and courtyard – ENGAGE
  • Bandodkar ground -ELEVATE
  • Mandovi promenade-ENGAGE
  • Kala academy – EMBRACE
  • SAG grounds – EVOQUE
  • Campal Bungalow -ENCOUNTER

It’s  really very unique and nice to have them named the venues differently. People from all over the world who appreciate and love art came to Goa to experience this festival.

Let’s begin with all the art and photographs displayed by different individuals.

The pictures up here were all displayed at ENGAGE (old gmc building & courtyard).  The venue was called engage because the exhibits here allowed you to engage and interact with the exhibits and other people. The exhibits were put up by the students and faculties of Srishti School of art, design and technology.

All of the exhibits were a whole new concept which was never heard and never done before , it all had a logic behind it, the procedure and thinking out of the box was surprising.

There were exhibits like “Think Tank” where you had to concentrate  on a memory and if you succeed in thinking and focusing on certain memory, the intensity of brain activity would be picked by the electrode on the custom helmet which was placed above the frontal cortex. This activity would the be transmitted  through the machine which would enable it to start raining in this big tank where one could also go to experience the real pouring of the rain from the thinking of another person.

Think tank 

Think tank
Then we came across a small room where they had put up all the Vintage TV sets, a slides how projector and a satellite dish the kind you watch TV from years ago.. What they did was , they fed up the data of the Goa climate from the Goa MET department and portrayed it in the form of white noise also based on the intensity of the weather a note was being played thus resulting in eerie music in the background. There was also an exhibit that showcased the complexity and simplicity in DNA coding and genetic modification in the adjacent room and showed how we can produce different results just by making a tiny change in the DNA structure.

Then another interesting venue was the ENCOUNTER (Adil Shah palace ), where art , sculptures, photographs  of old countries , photographs of different states in India , photogrtaphs related to tragedy, display of the Goan fashion by Wendell Rodrigues was put up here.Besides the exhibits there were few performances done by the performers of Assam where they had a certain story to tell through their dance .

In the third picture here we see, the people of Goa and their lifestyle , while in the fourth we see te ancient photographs of the people from different countries like Portugal , India ,Brazil along with their culture. In the fifth picture they displayed all the photographs taken by a famous photographer from Nepal . He shot these pictures during the tragic era of the earthquake in Nepal. The fifth picture talks about the clothes  Catholic nun would wear in Goa.

In the other section all the pictures as to have a Goan from different communities would dress up in the early centuries . A Hindu Goan differed from a catholic Goan , a Khoja Goan and there on. This book by Wendell Rodricks which talks about the ancient and the vintage styles and fashion of a typical Goan .

This wall displayed ancient photographs of a high class Hindu family. Just like this one on the other walls they had put up pictures of a high class catholic family.

These were the tribal sarees worn by the Goans . It is very hard to believe that our ancestors had such beautiful detailing a on their sarees , it unbelievable to see such a work of an art on these sarees of the past . It is our duty to appreciate and save our culture , especially this fine work by our ancestors. Wendell Rodrigues has done an amazing work by displaying and preserving the old Goan culture.

They were 6 vintage style gramaphones with headphones and a box base that had 6 steel tiffin compartments if you opened the main compartment you would be able to view a fashion based slideshow by Wendell Rodricks that was portrayed through the screens of Macbook fitted inside

The Goan specialities  were being displayed but in a unique way . This was just a photograph of the different dishes of Goa but when anyone could see it eat it with their eyes , the dishes were so tempting virtually .

This was a some kind of a sculpture made, I couldn’t ask the artist as she was busy completing the work . The artists kept on changing everyday along with their scultpures.

An intricate and mind boggling, yet so very beautiful Indian adaptation of Shakespeare’s popular play ‘Temptest’. The ‘Talatum’ was an amazing experience! . It was thrilling to  witness this great form of art at the very first show on the opening day.

The drama cum circus was so intense.The talatum happened at the Campal/SAG Ground* which was also called the ‘Elevate Venue’.

Besides the arts ,the sculptures and the performances, there were also good trucks . Culinary arts were also one important category for the fest , we saw many venues were they had feni tasting where you could try the feni and learn about the method of making feni they also educated the audience , the origin of feni that is Goa. Bread making was also another event which took place and they displayed the different breads , and educated the method of making bread.

The last and my favourite part was the live performance at the Bandodkar ground again of ‘Parvaaz and Papon , coke studio ” . Coke studio is one of the best platforms for these artists to sing their usual songs but under different genres . Sufi ,Indo-western is what you get to listen to , and honestly I love these kind of songs , so when I heard Coke studio will be playing on the last day that too in Goa, I was very excited for it . So here is what I recorded . I truly enjoyed every bit of the songs they played , unfortunately I ended up late for the concert and I missed “parvaaz ” and regret it. But hopefully I was on time for “Papon”  . I enjoyed all his bollywood and folk songs , the type of music Papon and his hand played , were much of chill music and mix of rock and pop which was entirely worthy and very good sense to the ears .

So these were some of my OOTD’s

So I hope you guys had a fun time reading everything about ” Serendipity Arts festival 2016 “. It’s coming back in 2017 so stay tuned , until then see you guys soon and enjoy these videos of the Coke Studio.

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