A Western girl in the Northern India  (Part – 1)

Hello everyone ! This is my first travel story going up on the blog and I’m very excited about it .

So to give a bit of an introduction about this trip to North . We visited 6 places in North, beginning with Nainital , Mussoorie , Amritsar, Chandigarh , Manali and Delhi . Our first destination was Delhi and then we began our official travelling  from there .

After continuous travelling by a cab we finally reached Nainital , it was one of the most popular and exquisite hillstations , looked like heaven to me .

Nainital is famous for its Naini lake , it’s pleasant weather ,it’s culture , it’s shopping streets and ofcourse it’s people.

Yes , it was chilly , but yet had a beautiful weather and absolutely clean .Moving on to the food and shopping which is the favourite and most spoken about topic on my blog.

There is this whole Street lined up next to the lake called the Mall road in Nainital ,where one side is filled with brands like Woodland ,Levi’s  and other side is the entire Street shopping lane . Ofcourse I priotorized my time for Street shopping because that’s where you get the speciality of the place and  not in the branded shops.

The beautiful jackets , pullovers , caps and sweater caps , trench coats for about 800-1200 Rs only respectively.  It had small stalls of beautiful and unique sets of earings and other accessories which I liked. And without giving any thought I purchased a black and gold pair of long earings.

I finally  bought this fluffy black jacket which is so damn soft just for 600 bucks .

Hot chocolate and Momos were the speciality there , the thickest and creamiest hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted and the huge and hot Momos I’ve ever eaten in my life . Besides the street food , we went to Giani’s , one of the top rated vegetarian restaurants in Nainital .We ordered Thai soup, buttermilk, crispy chilly garlic potatoes . We ended up eating very light food because we all were travelling down the ghats and we didn’t wanna fall sick. The food was amazing , and if you happen to visit Nainital don’t forget to visit Giani’s .

My first video on the blog. Though it’s a 2 second clip , it’s worth watching every millisecond of it .

After a hectic drive of 9 hours we finally reached  our second destination that’s Mussoorie .

Mussoorie is another beautiful hillstation you gotta visit. Just like Nainital, Maggi and hot chocolate were being sold at each and every Street here in Mussoorie.

Places we visited in Mussoorie was Kempty falls . It was another beautiful experience to watch this clean water coming  straight from the melted snow mountains .

And ahead of it were all activities like boat rides and ropeways .

A place filled entirely with greenary and mountains . Being in a hillstation makes you feel like you’re in an entire new world .

And besides the place , the people in Nainital and Mussoorie made us feel warm and were kind-hearted .

And just like any other day… We had to leave for our other destinations .

So our next destination was Amritsar , I was excited about this place because of the people, because of the culture and most of all the Golden Temple, but hang on!  Il be continuing my adventures at Amristar in my next part and also the place I visited after Amristar which is a surprise for all you guys , so yes keep guessing and stay tuned to know what’s coming up soon .

Shruti Haldankar

From the beautiful land of sun, sand and sea, Goa. I've recently completed my Bachelor in Business Administration and earned a BBA degree, I've been fashion blogging for a couple of years now and try to dedicate as much time as possible to my part time passion.

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