My Sunday at Pop it UP

It was amazing spending my Sunday at ‘POP IT UP’ monsoon flea at the Taleigao Community Center . This place was lined up with many table displaying all the coolest stuff anybody would really want starting from

  • Cakes, cupcakes and dollies and other confectioneries
  • Clothing , accessories and other fashion essentials
  • abstract wall paintings , and house decor
  • pretty cool things of DIY

I liked all the tables but the one I loved the most  and would like to refer to is ‘RUFFLES’ by Nyeree Viegas & Maria Viegas .

This  table had such amazing designs from sexy crop tops to cute little dresses  which had lace detailing and crochet which are available in bright colors  and which could  rightly be suited for this season. The most surprising yet the best part of this stall was all the clothes were very  reasonable and at an  affordable price  unlike the other tables who were selling clothes  .

I wish Nyeree a huge success  for her clothing line and GUYS! Do NOT forget to visit stall no. 56 and 57 : RUFFLES @ pop it up monsoon flea .

here are few images we managed to take of her clothing line. IMG-20160605-WA0010[1]IMG-20160605-WA0011[1]IMG-20160605-WA0012[1]13340339_10209632690163945_6115532539426238454_o13383899_798536546947231_505564459_o13340580_798536540280565_639509146_o

Apologies for the last image  which isn’t that clear, but that’s Nyree. Be sure to lookout for her.

okayyy!!!! so you know what to do ? visit RUFFLES (56, 57) at the POP IT UP monsoon flea at Taleigao Community Center.

and don’t forget to follow me on IG – Shruttles and send in your comments about how you liked THE EVENT and RUFFLES as well ,

So see you guys soon  and HAPPY SUNDAY ! :*


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